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Server information and features

Started by Kill3R, July 23, 2010, 03:42:39 PM

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Vice City Hunting Arena

Server information:

  • Name              -     Vice City Hunting Arena
  • IP                  -
  • Hoster            -      Juppi Hosting
  • Echo Chan       -     #Hunting-Arena.Echo @ irc.liberty-unleashed.co.uk and also the echo is being relayed in GTANet aswell - irc.gtanet.com
  • Map               -     Vice City
  • Mode             -     Arena v2.2
  • Location         -     Netherlands
  • Scripts           -     FBS v3 (FBS v2 Modded)
  • Server            -    mIRC

Server features:

  • Special  arena has been assigned for each weapons ,that can be entered by using !arena
  • Hacks detection system has been improved, 85% of the hacks are reported to the (IRC)Admins.
  • Last Man Standing(sqlite) version is available for the players ,for more infos !lms
  • Random players can be hunted and earned reward, to trigger hunt do !hunt
  • Server is one of the official servers in Vice City Multiplayer.
  • Drive-by disabled, Fast switch, Jump switch , Global Frame-limiter Enabled (Server side)
  • Usual buying & selling - vehicles/properties.
  • Vehicles can be spawned by the respective owners.
  • You can have control over your own stats, for more infos - /c stats
  • Feeling bored? could play some little hide&seek, use /c hide , /c show
  • Damages vehicle can be fixed using !fix or !repair
  • Spam protection / Abuse prevention has been scripted, like !goto , !heal etc can't be spammed.
  • Excellent ban system implemented.
  • Admins have excellent knowledge about the game and the scripts that are being used in the server.
  • A fail-proof system for Arena and LMS has been implemented in the script, i.e Other weps can't be used during the events

There are many stuffs which will keep you excited, occupied and entertained, so join the server and experience them out yourself.

Server Rules:

The following are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN:

   *  Cheating.
   *  Spamming/flaming In Open Chat And Pms
   *  Spawn camping.
   *  Wall/Crouch/Server Glitching.
   *  Excessive Helli Killing.
   *  Advertisements Related To Anything .
   *  Racism.
   *  Game-modifications.

Failing to follow this , will result in getting you JAILED/DROWNED/WARNED/KICKED/BANNED (Depends on the admin)

The server rules can be read by using !rules (in-game as well as echo)

When reporting cheaters, please use the /c report command  or post in Forum with screenshots and detailed information

The syntax used for Reporting:
/c report [Nickname] [Reason]

Webpage: http://hunting-arena.in/
Forum: http://hunting-arena.in/forum
Chat: http://hunting-arena.in/chat
LiveMap: http://bit.ly/halive
Online Players list: http://moo.windlord.net/ha