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Title: [miniTUT] Your game lags for a milisecond when a new message appear in chat ?
Post by: sseebbyy on September 17, 2014, 03:10:29 pm
Welcome to this mini Tutorial !
I made this topic just to tell how you can make the chat lag-less.

VC:MP 0.4 has the ability to archive all messages that appears in chat, for you, in 2 ways: txt file, and html file.
The HTML file actually adds all messages too, but already colored.
(here is the line that sets this ability)

Quote from: Stormeus

Determines what method VC:MP uses to log console messages.

Allowed Values
0 - No logging
1 - Plaintext logging
2 - HTML logging
3 - Both - Plaintext & HTML logging

The chat is really lagging the game ? Yes.
After you play for a long time, the HTML file become bigger and bigger, so I think it needs more resources.
But anyway, this makes the game lag for a milisecond for every message shown in chat, and you don't want that. :/

All you have to do is to type just once this line, in chat:
Code: [Select]
/setconfig con_logging 1
What will do this command ? Will set the VC:MP to archive all messages just in the .txt file. (so no HTML file)
I have no idea if it will lag too, after a LONG LONG LONG play, because I never played that long to see it lagging, yet. :D

If it starts to lag after that long play, then you can set it to 0, so the messages will not be archived at all.