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I don't know about any posting rules  ::)

Tested on latest client on public server:
1. When you are in a car and someone attacks you with the infamous chainsaw, you don't hear it sounds.
2. When you enter the caddy you open an invisible door. Same for exiting it.
3. There is a bug with all melee weapons, a texture bug when swinging it. However you may not see it, if you are swinging, but you see this on other players.

Servers / eXtreme Racing Revolution - Announcement
« on: October 13, 2012, 04:03:02 pm »

eXtreme Racing Revolution is going to be released on 14.10.2012 (Sunday), with unique mods and features.

~ IP Address ~
~ Game Modes ~
normal race | elimination | triathlon | five towers | free way | drift | 2 ways | skatepark
~ Bonuses ~
Get one of 25 bonuses while driving

~ Locker Room ~
Pick one of 159 player skins

~ Garage ~
Set your favourite vehicle colours

~ Multi-Lang System ~
4 available languages (English, Spanish, Polish and Romanian)

~ AFK Detection ~
Players with minimalized game are moved off the race track

For more info, please visit or catch us on #XRR @ LUNet | GTANet.
See you there!

Vice City / VC hidden graphic function!
« on: August 15, 2010, 12:03:38 am »
There is a hidden graphic function in VC. It is known for a few years for now... But I would like to know how many of you have heard about this or tried it even out?

Just compare the 2 screens:

You see this...

But you could see that!

The only what you need is to activate a hidden option in VC... How to do that?
Polish tutorial:
German tutorial:

The effect is called "Trails". It makes the game colors more lively and adds blur. Just something between VCS and SA :).

Btw. notice also the weather colors. It is not set by an id like in vcmp, but by a special code (called opcode), that was used in VC only in 2 missions ;o. But it looks awesome :).

Remember to vote!

Support / VCMP minimizes gta-vc.exe when connecting to a server
« on: March 14, 2010, 02:53:50 pm »

A few minutes before i wanted to play again VCMP after a one-two weeks break. I have opened vcmp.exe, selected a server, "connect". At this moment, VCMP runs gta-vc.exe's engine and connects to a server. But not for me. Everything worked really good before, but now at gta-vc starts, the game is minimized. So okay, i click it to restore it. It looks like restoring, but hell its minimizing again. I click 10 times at it on the taskbar and finally its restoring back...

As i said this bug was not present before. Polonez said me that the same happens for him. I have tried to run only gta-vc.exe [singleplayer] and it works, so it must be a VCMP bug.


mIRC/pawn Scripting / PAWN: Camera problems
« on: February 24, 2010, 06:41:11 pm »
I have recently started to try scripting in pawn and i failed already on the beginning :/. I dont know why, but the camera for looking on spawn and after spawning is simple not working.

I have in the onGameModeInit the functions: SetCameraPos, SetCameraLookAt, SetPlayerPos. The same functions were in the ini and they worked there. Now im stuck on Kaufman Cabs. Even if i spawn, the camera is moving somewhere the spawn pos, but i cant move my ped [i see on the radar that only when im moving my mouse is the angle changing ;c ] and i dont see him even. So whats wrong? I have seen the example script and there are the 3 functions in onGameModeInit too so i guess that i must forgot something in another part of the script. Am i right?

Support / Server browser dont start
« on: July 26, 2009, 11:37:04 pm »
Well, i dont played VCMP for a week, now running vc-mp.exe. And... nothing happened. :O

Even no "where is LC mod" msg, that was every time before. Tried to reinstall vcmp, still the same. I have for test downloaded VCMP fixed [0.3x?] and the server browser started :O. But after installing the latest 0.3z again vcmp wont start... :(

Some ideas? Ah an dont say about "reinstalling vc", i dont have so much time :P.

Hi ;). Im ill, but i need to have information's about something :).

1. Ranks
I want to make something like this, if u type f.e. !top the script will show the 3 best players, that killed the most other players :P.
The numbers of killed players r written in the file vcmp.stats.ini and looks like this:
Code: [Select]

2. Recognizing TeamID
Every player is in a team, and every team has a color like red or yellow. But is it possible that the script will recognize the Player's TeamID and do actions?
Like if a players has spawned with Team Color ID f.e. 11, he will be killed, and if someone will spawn as Team Color ID 10, he will be teleported to a location. Would this be possible?

3. Flying in-game
I know, it's a vcmp bug. U are going and then u fly in the air and can't stop. But can scripts do this too? In the last time i saw, that on my test server, where are other players testing the scripts, most of them after some time are flying in the air. Im too, but not so often ;p.

Thxx for any post here  :P

mIRC/pawn Scripting / Makers...
« on: March 04, 2009, 06:03:28 pm »
Hi  ;)
Ok, here I gotta 3 questions about VCMP markers.

1. Deleting a marker
Let's say I've created a marker
Code: [Select]
vcmp.setmarker $1 9 361.73 -513.53 1.32[it's bellow the terrain so ppl can't see it, but it's only for the icon on the hud ;) ]

And how to delete it now? I've tried with
Code: [Select]
vcmp.removemarker $1

Code: [Select]
vcmp.removemarker $1 9
And this...

Code: [Select]
vcmp.removemarker $1 9 361.73 -513.53 1.32
I dont know how to delete this marker now  ::) . No one of this works.

2. Action with markers
I want to do smthnig like, if u enter the marker, it will do an action f.e. display a text. How to do this?

3. Markers=crash, lag?
The markers are shown only if u are logged or u login. Let's say 20 ppl join the server. And if everyone log-in, the script will make 20 markers? And is it possible, that so many markers could crash players or the server?

Thx for help  :D
[my 1st post here  8) ]

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