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How to modify your server VC-MP
« on: July 27, 2008, 02:30:32 am »
well here you will learn how to modify you server ;D ok

ok i am doing this for WINDOWS XP dunno if is the same for windows vista ok :D

1)ok go to the root of you vc installation if you dont now maybe is try going here:
   MY PC----->progam files------>Rockstar Games--->Grand Theft Auto Vice Cty ok there you need to look for the .exe the name is gta-vc ok right click and create shortcut ;D now that shortcut need to have the name of vcmp build or something like that

2) Now right click in the short cut and properties then click on the part of shortcut and in the part of destiny is the first space at the final add -d i mean -d after " like this: "X:\program files\rockstar games\GTA Vice city\gta-vc.exe" -d something like that ok (in you computer i thing will be C or D)

3) to now vehicles Ids open the default.ide in the root \data\default.ide you need to open it with notepad or wordpad ok now  the first in the archive is:
# ModelIDs
# peds:      0-129 (special characters 99-109)
# vehicles:   130-239
# wheels:    250-257
# weapons:   259-294
# cutscene heads/objs: 285-289
# car components 240-245
# ped components 246-247
you see that vehicles is in 130 to 239 ok is after peds (skins) ok now here is a example of what is first in the part of vehicles:
# Id,   Model name,    Txd name,   Type    HandlingId   Game name,    Anims   Class      Frq   Lvl   Comprules
# cars have two extra fields wheelmodelId and wheel scale
# planes have one extra field model id of low level of detail
130,   landstal,    landstal,    car,    LANDSTAL,    LANDSTK,       null,   normal,    10,   7,   0,      254, 0.8
131,    idaho,       idaho,       car,    IDAHO,       IDAHO,          null,   poorfamily,   10,    7,   0,      256, 0.64
132,    stinger,    stinger,    car,    STINGER,    STINGER,       null,   executive,    10,    6,   2ff0,      250, 0.7
133,    linerun,    linerun,    car,    LINERUN,    LINERUN,       null,   big,       10,   7,   0,      255, 1.1
134,    peren,      peren,       car,    PEREN,       PEREN,          null,   poorfamily,   10,    7,   0,      253, 0.66
135,    sentinel,    sentinel,    car,    SENTINEL,    SENTINL,       null,   richfamily,    10,    7,   0,      254, 0.7
136,    rio,       rio,       boat,   RIO,      RIO,          null,   leisureboat,10,   7,   0
137,    firetruk,    firetruk,    car,    FIRETRUK,    FIRETRK,       null,   ignore,      10,   7,   0,      255, 1.0
138,    trash,      trash,       car,    TRASH,       TRASHM,          null,   big,       10,   7,   0,      255, 1.06
139,    stretch,   stretch,    car,    STRETCH,    STRETCH,       null,   ignore,    10,   7,   0,      251, 0.75

the first numbers is the ID and the is the model of the car for example if you want firetruck is ID 137 ok get the id that you want now open the shortcut that you create in this case vcmp build now active mode build by pressing T and writting /build ok now you are tommy and you can walk ok now to get a vehicle type /v ID for example /v 137 for firetruck ok if you see around you will see it ok get in and drive. get to the point you want the car spawn in the server when you get there to save the coordinates type /save or /s to see te coordinates if you type /save nothing happen in the screen but it works and if you type /s you will see the coordinates ok just get all the cars on the points you want and type /s or /save

4)well now to now what are the list of skins you need to go to \data\default.ide you need to open default.ide with notepad or wordpad now the skins are the 1st in the list:
1, cop, cop, COP, STAT_COP, man, 0, null, 9,9                        
2, swat, swat, COP, STAT_COP, man, 0, null, 9,9                        
3, fbi, fbi, COP, STAT_COP, man, 0, null, 9,9                        
4, army, army, COP, STAT_COP, man, 0, null, 9,9                        
5, medic, medic, EMERGENCY, STAT_MEDIC, man, 0, medic, 9,9               
6, fireman, fireman, FIREMAN, STAT_FIREMAN, man, 0, null, 9,9            
7, male01, male01, CIVMALE, STAT_SENSIBLE_GUY, man, 0, man, 1,4            
# normal peds
9, HFYST, HFYST, CIVFEMALE, STAT_STREET_GIRL, sexywoman, 013, null, 6,1            
10, HFOST, HFOST, CIVFEMALE, STAT_TOUGH_GIRL, woman, 417, null, 2,6
11, HMYST, HMYST, CIVMALE, STAT_GEEK_GUY, gang1, 5ab, null, 1,8
12, HMOST, HMOST, CIVMALE, STAT_OLD_GUY, man, 437, null,   5,6            
it start like that and end at 129 soo the first numbers are the ID soo if you want to add that skin get the ID

4) Now open the shortcut that you create in this case vcmp build ok open it and then you will see that you are in kaufman cabs (the taxi company) ok but nothing in screen now write in the screen /build to active the build mode by pressing T and writtting you can type /build ok ;D now you are tommy vercetti ok to change skins just type /skin ID for example COP man /skin 1 or /skin 2 to swat and /skin 3 to FBI ;D nice ok now get in the point that you want to spawn in the server get a building or something if you want get a vehicle by typping the command (see step 3) or you can simply walk ok now when you get in the point get in the position that you want to spawn in the server get out the vehicle/heli/bike and when you are on foot type /s or /save (see step 3 to explanation of /s and /save) ok save in all positions and get all and save all. ;D :)

5) Now close the game in the vice city root look at a archive called saved positions open and you will see the coordinates ok now open the config.ini of you server and look for the vehicle part and copy and paste the coordinates of the vehicles in the part of the vehicles you will see something similar and the start of the coordinates all are = soo for that you now the skins coordinates and vehicles coordinates ok paste and save and open your server and you will see that changes in your server ;D

ALL CREDITS GO TO BEST12 ;D ye thebest12 man is thebest xD

Usefull part

     DOCs of this archive how to modify your server there are in notepad and in office 2007 ;D that formats

i recomend you megaupload to win my points XD XDDDD ok and just wait some because if you dont understand i am going to make a video ;D

waiting for reply
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Re: How to modify your server VC-MP
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2008, 10:15:56 pm »
I don't Understand you script  :-\

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Re: How to modify your server VC-MP
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2008, 12:20:24 pm »
Humm... Nothing new for me, but useful for new hosters :).