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In light of the recent leak


Yes, most of you may have noticed that a test build of 0.4 was leaked. This was not the first time, and it will not be the last. However, we as a beta team have repeatedly stated that 0.4 was not in a ready state to be used by the general public. We repeatedly said that we were still working to fix it and that the community should not try to press for a release.

To answer some questions surrounding this "miracle build:"

* This was not official.

Some people may have skimmed the topic and thought that this was an actual release. It was not.

* Yes, there are bugs.

The leak was not condoned by anyone in the beta team whatsoever. Keep in mind that this was a leaked beta testing build. Not expecting bugs is foolishness.

* There are no gamemodes.

All scripting plugins have either not been written yet or are in their infancy and not fully usable for scripting. As a result, the server may state that "the gamemode does not exist." There are very little commands whatsoever that can be used, guns are inaccessible, and there isn't much to do but walk around an empty Vice City.

* Did we mention that we weren't ready?

Because we weren't ready for a release.
--- Quote from: [omitted] on May 10, 2013, 07:12:26 am ---Today I am going to do what you never accomplished to, please the VC:MP community for good motives. Why? Simple, because you are a fucking inactive retard who has made us wait for the new version for a LONG time.

--- End quote ---

The fact that someone actually bothered leaking a broken build is not only highly upsetting, but also reflects poorly on their comprehension skills.

As an addendum, please keep in mind that every single one of us are volunteers that have our own lives that have to come before development. maxorator is such a "fucking inactive retard" because he is a university student. His studies come before his obligations here. I hear Falcon has a family to provide for. If that's so, his work and family life comes before his obligations here. bakasan has recently returned with Falcon, and I'm fairly certain that he has other things that come before VC:MP as well. Us beta testers are in the same hole.

Secondly, leaks accomplish nothing, nothing at all. Time that could be spent coordinating testing and development of the server, modules, test gamemodes, etc. now has to be diverted to figure out if and how the forum was hacked, how access to the build was obtained, who was responsible, etc. This has slowed us down to an extent. The devs are still putting together their plan for development, but to whoever was responsible for such a l33t pro hack, you have accomplished the opposite of what you set out to achieve. Congratulations.

Lastly, as volunteers, we're sorry if we don't communicate enough with the community. We're sorry if you're one of the few that have been waiting five years for 0.4 to materialize when it has yet to see a release. We're sorry if you're tired of the issues on R2. And we're sorry if we seem uncaring.

However, we still care about the community as well as the direction that we're going. We already had a 20-page discussion outlining that. Nobody here wants VC:MP to die. Doing so would be an amazing contradiction of our roles here.

To attempt to spread old, broken betas and then call our devs retarded isn't exactly something that makes us feel that the effort that has been put in for the past five years is truly appreciated. However, the actions of a couple of bad apples will not deter us.


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