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0.4 Plugins: a full disclosure


In preparation for upcoming developments, the source code, binaries, issue lists, commit history, wikis, and all other development history for five plugins for VC:MP 0.4 are now being made available:

* Squirrel 0.4
* SQLite
* Hashing (MD5/SHA-1/SHA-2/etc.)
* server.conf LoaderTraditionally, access to plugins has been restricted to members of the beta testing and development team. The development for these plugins is an ongoing process, but the code base is believed to be mature enough to be released to the public.

We hope that the availability of the code for these plugins will allow people to see what progress has been made on 0.4, what functionality is available, and how to similarly extend the functionality of the server by providing a full release such as this. Hopefully the open source nature of these plugins will also allow people to commit their own changes.

These plugins can be accessed either by clicking on their respective links or by viewing my Bitbucket profile.


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