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VC:MP Clans / [SS] =|Supreme Skillz|=
January 02, 2009, 08:43:26 AM

|Supreme Skillz|

Registration: January 2, 2009. Status: Recruiting

Back ground:
The Supreme Skillz is a Deathmatch Gaming Clan. This clan is associated with many servers of VC:MP. Each and every member in this clan are bounded by different servers rules, terms, etc. And when everyone in this clan plays as a professional gamer, the clan gains respect and the same respect is indirectly added to you, when you wear the clan tag. Many a times Gangwars, Gang Streetraces will be organized by this clan. If you feel that you are able enough to meet the requirements of the clan, then you may apply in this topic for joining the clan.

Our Policies, Terms & Conditions:
Once you are banned from any server, you are removed from this clan automatically..
If you hack in any of the server, which is highest offense, you will be permanently banned from this clan.
Once you are in this clan, you are bounded by all rules of this clan.
Sharing any private secrecy's of the clan with any non-member, will result in kick from the clan.

Servers we play on are | Gameplay Servers

1] Name: XE | 0.3z European Server
IP Address: Port: 5196. Mode: Gangwar v13.37

2] Name: XE | 0.3z American Server
IP Address: Port: 5196 Mode: Gangwar v13.37

3] Name: [0.3z]littlewhitey's VC-MP Server

Application Form | Entry Form
In order to join this clan you have to fill in the following form and post it as a reply in this topic. Once you do so, your application will be reviewed by us, and the decision made over your application will be posted in this topic only..

Name Ingame:
How long you played on VC:MP:
Favorite Skin and Weapon:
Your stats on different servers till now(xe's/littlewittys only):
Which old clans you were in:

The Member list of the Clan | Structure
Founder = Creators/Producers of Supreme Skillz
Recruitment Team = In charge of handling applications and trials
Members = The respected [SS] members, the body of clan
Inactive = Members inactive for certain period of time
Trial Member = The members who are being spectacted on their behavior..

News updates of Supreme Skillz
02-01-2009 : The opening of the Supreme Skillz on VC:MP community.

Supreme Skillz Founder:
Stats: To-Be-Updated

Supreme Skillz Recruitment Team:

Supreme Skillz Members:
[SS]Gokussjj4 Phsyco Empire Server

Respected People: