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Unlocking Ports

Started by [ECG]CraCk, January 07, 2009, 07:40:00 PM

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Well i have a problem with unlocking ports on my router because i made a Server on VC-MP  but i cant get players to it only the ones that i know and so i want to ask you how to unlock ports on my router?

My Router is BTHomeHub





This is a bit easier than having to read all that:
Access your router.  I expect that you are capable of doing that.
Depending on what router you have, open gaming tab or something of that sort.
Fiddle around and you will find it.
Forward port 5192 and 5315.
Considering they are still default.
I do not know whether the ports that require forwarding must be opened as TCP or UDP so try both.  Don't worry it asks you which one you want so it requires no knowledge!
Another thing: If the server still does not appear in the master server list, run announce.exe in the same folder as your winsever.(vcmp server files).

  ;)  Enjoy


Oh thanks homie that was really helpful and if it work my server will be on tomorrow it will be called: The EastCoastGangstaZ feel free to go on it and the forum is www.eastcoastgangstaz.smfforfree3.com


No problem.  Post in here if anything goes wrong and I will help if I can.