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VC:MP clans

Started by Juppi, July 09, 2007, 08:09:36 PM

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    This is an official VC:MP clan topic. The following is an updated list of all clans available at VC:MP.

    The clans:

    Kuslahden alaste
    • Country: International
    • Leader: Juppi
    • Co. leaders: H.M.Murdock, Windlord,Force
    • Clan tag: [Ka]
    • Homepage: http://www.ka-clan.eu
    • IRC channel: #Ka.Clan @LUNet
    • Clan Server:

    Uncle Sam Team
    • Country: International
    • Leaders: Uncle_Sam, Grey_Fox, Agent_47
    • Clan Tag: [UST], Trial tag is [UST_T]
    • Homepage: theustclan.freeforums.org

    Elite Force Opposition
    • Country: Russia
    • Owner: Kesha_F1
    • Leaders: Silence, Stinger
    • Co-Leader: JayLoc
    • Clan tag: [EFO]
    • Website: http://efo-team.com

    South West Killaz
    • Country: International
    • Leader: Nemesis
    • Clan tag: [SWK]
    • IRC channels: #swk , #swk.echo

    Double U
    • Country: International
    • Leader: Cola_Sky,Darfy
    • Co-leader: Sp4zlord,Desert_Eagle,Foxtrot,Theonly
    • Clan tag: [DU]
    • Homepage: www.doubleu.site90.com
    • IRC channel: #Doubleu

    • Country: Chile
    • Leaders: [UST]Darths, [GR]Emikapo (subadmin)
    • Clan tag: [GR]
    • Homepage: http://gtarevolution.es.tl
    • IRC channel: #Happy-Chile

    The Last Nazis
    • Country: European
    • Leaders: Zegro, Darius
    • Clan tag: <TLN>
    • Homepage: www.tlnclan.co.uk
    • Clan server: TLN's Bunker A/D,
    • IRC channel: #TLN & #npt (server echo) - On gtanet
    • Other Info: Made in 2009

    Clan Revolution

    CHN (China)
    • Country: China
    • Leader: [CHN]BeckHJ
    • Co.Leader: [CHN]kmkm3491
    • Clan Tag: [CHN]
    • Homepage: http://chngta.cn
    • Clan Server: gtaip.cn:5192

    Vice Underdogs
    • Country: International
    • Leader: Charleyutton
    • Clan tag: [VU]
    • Homepage: http://vu.vrocker-hosting.co.uk
    • IRC channel: #VU.clan - On gtanet and LUnet
    • Other info: Been going strong since 2008
    • Clan server:

    AoD - Army of Darkness

    Hungarian Elite Forces
    • Country: Hungary
    • Leader: Greg
    • Co. leaders: catfan ; Surfacing
    • Clan tag: [HEF]
    • Other info: Allies of HEF info

    Liberty City Killers
    • Country: International
    • Leaders: Stoku, Zentrix
    • Co. Leader: Thug
    • Clan Tag: [LCK]
    • Homepage: http://lckclan.lc.funpic.de/
    • Clan Server:
    • IRC Channel: #lck

    • Country: Clan EspaƱol
    • Leader: The.Legender.zL
    • Co. leader: Rocket[zL] Saruman[zL]
    • Clan tag: [zL]
    • Homepage: http://clan-zl.jimdo.com/
    • Clan server:Sin City 0.3z Server.[zL]-[x-serverz.com]
    • IRC channel:#Canal.[zL]

    The Ancelotti Mafia

    killers team motocross

    • Country: Internacional(Chile)
    • Leaders: Chilex_2010,Joker,pepsi_man
    • Clan tag: [HSK]
    • Forum: http://hellsatan.tk/
    • IRC Channel:Hell satan
    • Clan server:[HSK]Hell satan killers

    The Eighth Avenue Furies
    • Country: Internacional(Chile)
    • Leaders: [EAF]Klaus
    • Co-Leaders:[EAF]Denlow
    • Clan tag: [EAF]
    • Forum: http://www.eighthavenuefuries.co.nr/
    • IRC Channel:N/A
    • Clan server: We mainly focus on RPG play so as a result we play on Argonath RPG. However we play on different servers occasionally.
    • Other info: EAF was created By Klaus Meine & Axel Tiger on the 1st of March 2008.

    Killers The Noobs

    Elite x-treme Killers

    United Legion of Killers
    • Country:Worldwide
    • Leader(s): -
    • Co. leader(s): -
    • Clan tag: ULK. TLK. TLKr.
    • Homepage: www.ulk-gang.com
    • Clan server: ULK Psycho Empire:
      ULK Paradise DM:
    • IRC channel: #ULK ,#ULK-PsyEcho @ irc.gtanet.com:6667
    • Other info: online since 2003 and currently the strongest gang in VCMP

    Death Zone
    • Country: International
    • Leader(s): DareN and Itachi
    • Co. leader(s): Dead_Man and TazZ
    • Homepage: www.deathzone.hostoi.com
    • IRC Channel: #dz @ GTAnet

    Assassins Secret Society
    • Country: International
    • Leader(s): Lebowski, Demon.
    • Tag(s): [AsS] members [AsSr]Trial.
    • Homepage: http://ass-clan.team-forum.net
    • Clan Server:

    First Elite Vice

    The Forellis
    • Country: International
    • Leader(s): Vito Leone / BugsySiegel / PinBall
    • Co Leader:MeuPauDeOculos
    • Tag(s): TF], TF, [TF~]
    • Homepage: http://www.theforellis.co.nr
    • IRC Channel:#theforellis @ GTANET & LUNet
    • Other info:Since 2002,The Forellis have existed. Come and gone. Well, the boys are back in town

    Clan information

    If you want to add your clan to the list, please reply this topic with all the relevant information (it is not necessary to fill out all requests):

    Clan name
    • Country: Is the clan international, or only for players from a specific country?
    • Leader(s): Who's the leader of the clan?
    • Co. leader(s): Are there any co. leaders? Who?
    • Clan tag: What is the tag in clan names?
    • Homepage: Does the clan have a website or a forum?
    • Clan server: Does the clan have a VC:MP server? What is its address (IP and port, e.g.
    • IRC channel: Does the clan have an IRC channel (if not @ GTANet's server, where)?
    • Other info: Is there anything else players should know about the clan?



    Killing For Justice

    • Country: International
      • Leader: Shanto
      • Co. Leader: Hanney
      • Clan Tag:[KFJ]
      • Homepage:http://kfj-clan.cjb.net/
      • Clan Server:
      • IRC Channel: #kfj.clan


    Posting on behalf of [DnA]oVeRdOsE:

    Dark Negative Antisocial
         ? Country: International
         ? Leader: oVeRdOsE
         ? Co. leader: AnalBomb, OpHiDiAn
         ? Clan tag: [DnA]
         ? Homepage: http://dnaclan.wordpress.com
         ? IRC channel: #DnA


    Killing For Justice and Dark Negative Antisocial have been added to the list  ;)


    Rockstar Assasins
    Leader: Phil_cassidy
    Co. Leaders: Moonachi, Sid, BlackKnight
    Clantag: =RA=
    Homepage: http://www.rockstarassasins.n1.hu/
    Forum: http://rockstarassasins.inventforum.com


    UzI Clan

    1. Country: Russia
    2. Leader: Neorim
    3. Co. leader: Genshtab
    4. Clan tag: [UzI]
    5. Homepage: UzI Clan Site
    6. IRC:
    irc server: irc.lanpolis.ru:6667
    irc channel: #uziclan
    7. Clan server: No


    The list has been updated!


    Extreme Elites
         ? Country: International
         ? Leader: Tommis, CeoZ
         ? Co. leader: aWk, Ectasy
         ? Clan tag: [XE], -XE-
         ? Life: 3 Years Now...I Think, eheh
         ? Homepage: http://www.mta-xe.com
         ? IRC channel: #xe


    Demolik Squad

        * Country: international, however more people are poland
        * Leader(s): Argus
        * Co. leader(s): Diablos, Martie
        * Clan tag: [DS]
        * Homepage: www.ds.vc.pl
        * Clan server:
        * IRC channel: #ds.clan
        * Other info: :P


    Elite Force Opposition

    • Country: Russia
    • Owner: Kesha_F1
    • Leaders: Silence, Stinger
    • Co-Leader: JayLoc
    • Clan tag: [EFO]
    • Website: http://efo-team.com
    • IRC: no
    • Other: Be fast or be dead...  :o

    Have Fun!  ;)


    [XE], [DS] and [EFO] have been added  :)


    Cherry Poppers
    • Country: International
    • Leader: kenny01, Simon
    • Clan Tag: [CP]
    • Homepage: http://cp.gtasa.cz
    • IRC Channel: #cp.clan


    First post updated, added [CP]  ;)


    South West Killaz
        * Country: International Clan
        * Leader(s): Nemesis
        * Clan tag: [SWK]
        * Homepage: www.swk-gang.co.nr
        * Clan server: We just have a SA:MP Server
        * IRC channel: #swk #swk.echo
        * Other info: We dont hack/cheat


    Updated and added South West Killaz!