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Little problem with the "debug_mod " of VC:MP

Started by Aless01, July 21, 2007, 03:16:03 PM

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i have a little problem in the "debug mod" of VC:MP.

When i add a vehicle, exemple i write /v 211, i have a "Deluxo", but when i want driving the car , he hes freezed, i can't move!

Can you help me please, its my first server in VC:MP   ;D

If you don't understand me, its normal, im form Swtizerland,and i speak only French :)
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I had the same problem. That's why I'm using 0.3x build mode ;p


I have installed the 0.3x, but at the end of the loading, its crash... :-[

My game is on 640*480 pixel, im using the DirectX 10

My configuration:

Windows Vista Ultimate
nVidia GeForce 6600 | 256 VRAM (PCI-Express)
1Gb DDR1
Intel Pentium 4 | 3.4GHz
HDD Western Digital 250Gb S-ATA
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Go to VC singleplay, then options and then graphic settings. You have to change your Frame Limiter setting.


OMG such a cool pc and you play on 640 x 480 ? Make the screenresolution a bit bigger.


The Fram Limiter was already switched off

-> Adamale: I don't know why but now the "debug_mod" load, he have not crashed... (Its a bug on Vista...  >:( )

-> GIG: Now, Vista have finished the bug in GTA VC... Now i can playing in 1280*1024 pixels...
Before I could not change the resolution, the box was gray.

Sorry to have created an unuseful topic  :-\
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by the way, i got the same problem. so it's not the fault of your system. Would be nice if the developpers could fix this problem if possible. ;)


so we use the0.3x version??? not the 0.3z so we can drive?


Yes for setting up a  server use the 0.3x version. (I don't know if the devs have already fixed the problem with the new 0.3z version)


yea i have the same problem


i accelerating u can see the wheels moving but the car wont move why?

it does it on all cars cant move

a helicopter

please help

im running the latest vcmp


Quote from: slavik19 on September 02, 2007, 04:03:24 AM
im running the latest vcmp

That's exactly the problem, as you can see from earlier posts. The debug mode in 0.3z is screwed some way. So if you want to drive cars in debug mode, and get coordinates which are not above ground level, download VC:MP 0.3x and use its debug mode.


Thanks! I had the same problem and was wondering if I was crazy.
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