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Come challenge other clans in the ULK Open Challenge!

Started by Sephiroth, August 12, 2009, 08:46:07 PM

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Invites you all to the

We are now hosting clan matches! Click the banner above to learn more.

More info:

  • Tired of endless stubby hopping? In the open challenge we play attack and defend, and one final round of lms.
  • Clans will be ranked by war stats, not how many kills player A gets on player B
  • Each clan is given their own forum space (board) in the forums to manage their own and challenge other clans.
  • The leader of the clan gets moderation status over this board.
  • The leader can request to give another member moderation status if needed.
  • Rules and the clan territorries map can be found by clicking on the Open Challenge banner above.
  • Clan matches will be conducted in the ULK Private Server, hosted by x-serverz USA - an EU server is underway.

Signing up your clan and organizing wars:

  • Create a banner for your clan and pm the link to akiharu(The size should be 700 X 70)
  • After your clan signs up for the event, you can then start to challenge other clans by posting a challenge request in their clan area.
  • Once both clans agree on a date and time, it is added to the calender which can be found Here

For more info contact:

  • Bishop
  • akiharu
  • Zegro
  • Sephiroth