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2 bugs ?!!

Started by James_Alex, July 30, 2009, 07:32:35 PM

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i just installed gta vice city
and it works with the single player
then i installed the vc-mp 0.3z
so i'm sure that i placed it in the right folder
then i clicked on it, then i clicked internet
and the "retreiving li..." message stay about 45 seconds
then nothing appear, so i added a normal server to my favorite list
then i clicked connect, but it appear first like the single player, i got the rockstar games logo...
then it crash
can someone help me ?
thx  ;D


well if you got "retreiving list..." and nothing appeared, that means the master server was down. it's working fine right now

you can add the following ip to your "favorites":
always works lol


no i've juste downloaded the updated package and i can see the servers now when i click officia and internet...
but the prob that i'm sure that i have gta vc working correctly on my pc
and i placed all the vc-mp files in the right folder
but when i click connect to any server
i enter like in normal game, i juste get the roccstar logo then the vc picture...
then the window will stay like this right i press enter key to close itself
eny ideas plz how to fix that ?
thx  :)