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Counter Strike Scripts

Started by matthiasvegh, July 25, 2007, 02:02:08 PM

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ok, ive been working on some scripts a while now, to make a gammode like CS
here we go..;------------------------------------
alias vcmp.boom {
vcmp.say Target Succesfully Bombed!
vcmp.say Terrorists Win!
alias bomb.status !return $iif($readini(vcmp.bomb.ini,STATUS,Ticking),$v1,0)
  elseif (!plant* iswm $2) || (!pmplant* iswm $2) {
    if ($vcmp.cmdcheck(!plant,%id) == fail) !halt
elseif (Bombsite !isin $vcmp.area(%b)) vcmp.msg %id Error - You must be at the Bombsite (Hyman Stadium) to use this command
else {
!writeini -n vcmp.bomb.ini STATUS Ticking=1
.timer.ticking 8 1 vcmp.say The Bomb has been Planted!
.timer.ticking 8 2 vcmp.say 29 seconds until explosion!
.timer.ticking 8 3 vcmp.say Message to all Counter Terrorists: Go to the bombsite (Hyman Stadium) and !defuse the bomb!
.timer.ticking 8 30 vcmp.boom

um, i have yet to solved the problem of rounds, coz that would have to make irc check the skins of each player. of course i would freeze players that come in while a game is on.

any ideas?




its not really a dificuilt script, u just have to start doing it really. im gonna have problems with a round engine.
i was hoping a game mode like this. (not sure the process figure is 100% accurate)

sorry for the extensive linking
um.. anyone got any idea, how i could get the skin info?