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Hack situation at the Server

Started by [HA]tashOkk, January 20, 2010, 07:35:13 AM

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There are no Administrators online at any moment,at that moment all those fagnut "noobs"wake up and start hacking,this server should have an anti-hack system,to prevent fruitlessly of these hackers...
Or just some admin(s) online,we can't play and have fun because some faggot starts hacking at the server and screws up everything.
So please,install a Anti-Hack system or at least,recruit any admin that could be online to ban these fagnuts...
And seriously,someone has to stop [Killer] guys from playing in this server,all they do is hack and hack...


Scripts are down and the admins are waiting for the server owner to restart the scripts.
Hopefully its done in few days :>


Scripts are back it looks like and the ban hammer is out. so look out hackers.
old gamers never die.


Getting better, but still hackers about!

TZ: 17:18 CET


Well is the Server banning hackers?
There should be any admins online if it could be possible,the server is full of spawn killers,buggers,exploiters(hunter,!heal,etc)


And the hackers are on the server againg...


Quote from: kenwood on January 20, 2010, 03:59:39 PM
Scripts are back it looks like and the ban hammer is out. so look out hackers.
well theres atleast 5 hackers in ums at any given time..


Some proof of hacking like a snapshot or even better, a video would be pretty neat too.
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I cant use fraps,when I press F9 the game crashes,lol