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Exception At Address: 0x01C12C77

Started by madman2k30, August 21, 2007, 03:24:44 AM

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before you say anything yes i have checked the FAQ's and all other posts. tried searching for the error on the forum no luck.

when eva i  start up on a established server i get a random length of tim i can play then i get the error message Exception At Address: 0x01C12C77. what is it and how do i stop it?


Just a random error which happens to any player. Althought 0.3z is a way better than buggy 0.3x, there's still some problems with stability. Hope 0.4 will be at least almost bug-free version.

Your system configuration may also cause you to have more crashes than usual. If you think those crashes are too much, try to set your system acceleration a little bit lower. Dunno whether it helps. The problem may also depend on which server you're playing. Some servers causes more crashes than others.