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VCMP minimizes gta-vc.exe when connecting to a server

Started by [AoD]NC, March 14, 2010, 12:53:50 PM

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Well I have never got this problem using VC:MP's Alternate browser


I tried the alternative browser too, it happens there too [for me :c], but IMO, less.


Apparently this has been happening to people because of Windows Aero or Firefox 3.6


Aero? Definitely not, i am playing VCMP since i have access to porn... Woops, THE INTERNET, and since that time i have Vista with Aero and worked so no.

Firefox 3.6? Could be. Maybe ppl who posted here that VC minimizes, can sqy if they are using Firefox? I am using FF 3.7 prebeta and its still happens.

Anyway it happens also to MTA GTA3 and when running VC using Sanny Builder.


I'm using Firefox 3.6.3 and I don't have it anymore. (had it on Win7 though, I switched back to XP :P)