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Started by Kaltsu, September 13, 2007, 12:01:12 PM

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Greetings Vice City Multiplayer developers,

I would like to know which one is the official abbrevation to be used for Vice City Multiplayer, VC:MP or VC-MP?



It is VC:MP

Although they tend to have VC-MP on a few things such as the Mirc channel.


Because : cannot be used in some cases so it its VC:MP

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Thanks for your replies guys, but I would like to get some reply from an official developer of VC:MP/VC-MP, to be sure.


You could also look at the caption of the VC:MP launcher... which is "VC:MP". ;)



Quote from: maxorator on September 13, 2007, 09:40:38 PM
You could also look at the caption of the VC:MP launcher... which is "VC:MP". ;)

Thanks for clearing it up :).

I just wanted to ask this because the San Andreas Multiplayer team seems to be using SA:MP and SA-MP officially, so just wanted to know if it's the same situation with the Vice City Multiplayer team.

Anyway, I made a suggestion for SA Multiplayer team to start using the same style (SA:MP), as they seem to be somehow connected to the VC Multiplayer team.
Would look better if both developer teams used same styles.


interesting.. how do you call VCMP? haha, not bad!
y do u want samp & vcmp to look linked?
i personally think samp is way crowded and with too much scripts..


OMG  ::)

Care vc-mp or vc:mp ? It's the same..