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VC:MP Dock Icon

Started by Ryz, September 14, 2007, 03:16:55 AM

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Hey, I've been looking and looking for a nice simple VC:MP dock icon everywhere, in the end I gave up and decided to make my own one, feel free to download :)

The Dock Icon:

The icon in a dock:

This is for Stardock's ObjectDock

Download link:
--> http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/3275/vcmp3ex5.gif

How to install:
         ? Download the VC:MP3.gif
         ? Goto C:\Documents and Settings\<YOURNAME>\My Documents\Stardock\ObjectDock Library\Images (Unless your Stardock Folder is elsewhere)
         ? Place the image in this folder
         ? Drag a shortcut of your VC:MP normal icon into your Dock
         ? Right click on your VC:MP dock and select Dock Entry Properties
         ? Click change image
         ? Click Browse for an image...
         ? At the bottom of the window, click the down arrow where it says 'Files of type'
         ? Select 'All Files (*.*) and VC:MP3.gif should appear click it and press OK
Its a pretty simple Dock icon, based of the forum logo at the top :P


Whats with the blurry stuff?
Nice anyway.
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   Jhahah  :D :D :D
Ryz thanks that I am going to put the picture as a signature xD


Cool, I want to download Stardocks again :p



awesome job Ryz  ;)  ;D
but with pics it would be easyer  :P