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Grand Thieft Auto Long Night (Mod GTA Vice-City) LN-MP Future?

Started by Pfeifer, December 15, 2010, 11:49:59 PM

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For those not familiar GTA: Long Night is a total conversion for Vice City,
that make the game feel a bit like Resident Evil.
The streets are full of zombies and the city is in ruins.
A very good idea, probably is not the GTA traditional feel,
but certainly an interesting mod.
Try smiling for presenting an entirely new story.


>20 original full missions
>More than half a dozen playable characters
>New radio stations
>New Particle Effects
>25 different zombies
>Numerous weapon tweaks (including the ability to carry all heavy weapons simultaneously)
>New Gameplay (Zombies, plotlines) and a system of new and improved zombie spawning.

How would you feel if this mod for GTA-VC that has multiplayer (VC-MP) and make the MOD Multiplayer Night Long (LN-MP)?

What I say is that players could kill zombies or other players, while hungry zombies follow all the players.

Anyone able to develop? Site vice city multiplayer and the forum vice city? It would be interesting no?

I hope so!





Haha wow, I've never seen that and it's pretty cool. How are you affiliated with it Pfeifer?
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Wow, guys never heard about it? It's and old, maybe good mod, but it's also crashy and bugged.

You are an army guy and you have to kill pedestrian-zombies which are running to you and this is very annoying, so I didn't liked it ever.

I doubt if someone would be interested in making a Long Night mp mod, because e.g. the LC-MP is already discontinued. But however how do you want to play this mod in MP? Peds can't be synced, there are no new maps, so what would you do in multiplayer?

@Guys who haven't heard about Long Night: Search also for mod "Last Omen". Probably discontinued, never seen development topic, but a download link was at gtaforums. Worth interesting.