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testing for professional server

Started by cybertribe, January 01, 2011, 11:49:47 PM

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Hi, about 6 or 7 months ago i was playing this game, and started to make my own server, i was trying to make a mini war game like one i saw here.

i eventually gave up because i wasnt able to simulate a large number of players, and was unable to anticipate all eventualities.

i then came across some source code for a 0.3z bot (bot src here). this was great because i could now test my game under the stress of allot of players.

but 0.3z release2 has been launched since i last played, would someone be able to make it connect to the new server so i can test my game?


i maked my server but it is not comming to internet list when you know tell me please



I'm also interested to know where you obtained that source from, since i'm the one who made it.

I only gave a handful of people the source and asked them not to give it out. There is an r2 version but the source is only available to a handful of people due to it being a security risk to vcmp. You will be unable to modify the source you currently have without knowing a lot about the internal networking structure of vcmp, which can be hard to learn.

A minimal bot _could_ be released but i'd want permission off the developers first, since i doubt they'd be very happy. That and its exploitable even without the source.

So bottom line, go prod some randomers to join your server :)


Quote from: VRocker on January 25, 2011, 11:03:33 AM
I'm also interested to know where you obtained that source from, since i'm the one who made it.

Wikileaks :o


Hi vrocker, thank you for uploading the source, i compiled it ok and established a connection to vcmp 0.3z,

i stumbled across the bot source under this url 'http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk/vcmp/'; while trying to find the current version of your squirrel server.

would you be able to email me the necessary steps to establish a connection to 0.3zR2.


[email protected]