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vcmp 0.4 will be released?

Started by sseebbyy, February 16, 2011, 08:10:31 AM

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I have a question...

when version 0.4 will be released? ???

I waited, but nothing. :'(

I really like very much but I expect vcmp version 0.4 !  :-[


VC:MP devs were supposed to release it on 2008, but still lol


no 0.4 will not released Because when if it released the Vice city hunting arena and other mIrc server  will be not supported and their learning time and work on mIrc script will be wasted selfishness of [Ka]'s clan.. so it can't be :( released player can't join 0.3r2 servers and the scripting of mIRC will be wasted. please Release it plz  u can make new dll plz released 0. 4 plz :-X
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Hya BIG[H],

I spent allot of time writing mirc scripts for vcmp, i dont feel it has been wasted. i taught myself the 'structure' of writing game-modes which i can now port to other languages ( such as squirrel )

In completing my tasks, i among others came across vcmp's scripting drawbacks, which [ka] have eliminated. ( or near enough )

this has allowed me to script my game-modes without having to create some sort of work around function to fix the pipes so to speak.

i'm not sure if theres anything i'm missing for you to conclude that they are selfish, as i only browse the forum occasionally, but i'm going to disagree with you here.



It may be released at some point in the future, at what point that might be is unclear. I'm afraid you'll just have to settle with that.
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