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Started by GTA-Roloboy, August 11, 2008, 05:08:11 PM

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LOL i don't know..I think it's the same as connect


Haha some games use -_- for bad word sing. ;D


I'm sorry for off-topic but aside from making another topic,
in build mode whenever I type a vehicle ID, it says it's invalid. anyone know why this is happening?


on the list from the buildmode car id are starting from id:131

i dont know allot off that cuz i didnt used buildmode b4


Yea I tried numbers above 131 also :S


I think it was used to run VC in windowed mode, but it doesnt work with current vcmp.flt file, because it isnt updated. If im wrong, then please correct me.


this is just shoved up for the test cuz on the next version the window.mode will work.(maybe) ._.


lol never seen it before  :P