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Im New To VC-MP and need a little Help.

Started by Minty, November 30, 2008, 05:15:03 PM

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Hi, im new to VC-MP and Looking For Help Read Below.

Well I downloaded Everything Said In The Tuts Here And Went On The Client Thing and tryed to join little whitey's server and it opened the game and it didnt even start the loading bar before it crashed.

anyone know what to do?

i have set the directorys for vice city and Liberty city

so i dont think its that

Reply if you know whats wrong Thanks

I really Dieing to play it looks so Much Fun!! Please Reply Quick!!! :)


first things first, can your pc even run gta vc?


Nvm thanks for the help anyway i found out i need a diff video card but luckily im on my main comp and it works!!

thanks for the help tho :D

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