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Need help to Gamesparks RPG Server

Started by DivineBeaner, November 24, 2008, 01:18:53 AM

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Well, no one is willing to helping me on the server... so whats the goal in this server? All I know is that if I kill someone thats bad and is a no no >:( Just need some freaking explanation on what to do.... Thx in advance ;D


RPG means Role Play Gaming...
So if you will choose a cop you will arrest/kill the criminal on the wanted list (say on the server !wanted for see if some1 is wanted)
If you are a criminal you can kill the civilians but you don't earn money...for earn money you will rob the bank, sell drugs etc. (!job for the complete list of jobs)
for more info go here:
This is not GS official site this is VC:MP official site
OH! and remember...


_Tommy beautifully explained XD and thx for the link this sounds lik a rlly kewl server ;D