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littlewhitey's VC-MP Server
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Server Rules:
There aren't that many rules on this server - everything is pretty relaxed and you can generally do whatever you please. However, there are a few in order to attempt to ensure that the game stays enjoyable for everyone.

* No Cheating.
* No Spamming/flaming.
* No Spawn camping.
* No Glitching.
* No Excessive drivebying.
* No Advertisements. (Other servers)
* No Racism.
* No game-modifications.
A full list of the server rules can be seen at the server by doing !rules in the chat!

The chatbox exists in VC-MP for talking. If it's being flooded with random junk it annoys everyone and can warrant a kick or ban.
Regarding cheating - as with basically every other server, we won't tolerate cheating of any kind. This includes health hacks, vehicle alterations (speed etc) and score/cash cheating. If an admin is about and they're aware of a cheater's presence, they will be banned.

When reporting cheaters, please use the !report command that we have added. Example of good use of it is shown below:

--- Quote ---!report VercettiG Health hacking!
--- End quote ---
The syntax used is:

--- Quote ---!report PlayerID/Nickname Reason
--- End quote ---

Server AdminsOur server has a small yet dedicated group of admins. Please do not ask to be one - if you are interested in becoming one you should play in the server reguarly and be not be a nusiance in front of the other admins. If we believe that you would be a good candidate, we will contact you. :)


* Amiel
* Anya
* Argus
* Hanney
* Mattz
* Polonez
* Ryz
* Smoke2Joints
* YaceQ
* godson
* j.king
* oVeRdoSe
* Strike
* Baldachyn
* Juppi
* Force
IRC Echo
As per usual, the VC-MP server has an echo! This enables you to communicate with players in the server whilst being out of the game yourself. You can visit it by connecting to and joining :D

If you don't have an IRC client, feel free to use  irc://

Other Information
The server is located in UK. It's on a 100mbit connection in order to ensure there is as little lag as possible. :)


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