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Location Script for LC
« on: November 28, 2007, 07:49:40 am »
i haven't seen a location script for lc around, so i decided to have a go at making one and describe the process.  the one i made uses just basic zones, more could be defined later.

to create and save the hash table needed:
1) copy the data/info.zon file from your gtalc or lc-mp installation into your mirc dir
2) copy this alias into your mirc:
Code: [Select]
alias convertlocationsfrominfozontohash {
  var %infozonfile = info.zon, %i = 1, %c = 0
  if ($hget(infozontemp)) !hfree -s infozontemp
  !hmake -s infozontemp 500
  while (%i < $lines(%infozonfile)) {
    tokenize 32 $read(%infozonfile,%i)
    if ($7) {
      !inc %c
      !hadd infozontemp %c $+($3,$7,$6,$7,$6,$4,$3,$left($4,-1))
      !hadd infozontemp %c $+ . $left($1,-1)
    !inc %i
  !hadd infozontemp max_loc %c
  !hsave infozontemp lcmp.area.hash
  !hfree -s infozontemp
3) in your mirc, trigger the alias by typing: /convertlocationsfrominfozontohash

this creates a saved file called lcmp.area.hash which can be used with a location script like this:

create and load the hash table from the saved file when the script starts
Code: [Select]
!hmake -s area 500
if ($exists(lcmp.area.hash)) !hload area lcmp.area.hash

alias for getting a location name from x y coordinates e.g. $lcmp.area(%x,%y)
Code: [Select]
alias lcmp.area {   
  if (($1) && ($2)) {
    var %a = 1
    while (%a <= $hget(area,max_loc)) {
      var %t = $hget(area,%a)
      if ((%t) && ($inpoly($1,$2, [ %t ] ))) !return $hget(area,%a $+ .)
      !inc %a
  !return Liberty City

at first, the names may not be worded the way you want, but thats easy enough to change...

all of this will be included (plus heaps more) with my upcoming vcmp/lcmp mirc echo bot release ^^ but this is for those who wonder how it was done or dont want to wait
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