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Miami-Dade: Starfish Island Conquest [LIVE]

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The Starfish Island Conquest server is a brand new server that Project Apollo will soon be running. It is a totally new gamemode which has never been seen before and has been designed with competitive and casual clan/team play in mind.

The gamemode is simple, each team starts either end of Starfish Island, there are two control points in the middle, it is your teams job to capture as many of these points as possible, the more control points you hold, the less tickets you will loose.

Each time has a limited number of respawn tickets which are lost for not holding capture points and when a player dies or gets killed. The first team that reaches 0 tickets looses. Good team work is important so playing as a clan is probably more fun than say, with randomers.

This server should be going public within the next few days and keep an eye out for a public beta tommorow (1st August)!

For more information head on over to or check out the forum at

Hope to see you guys in-game over the public beta and once the server has been unveiled for general public use. :)

cool  :D

* [AoD]NC would like to see it.
I hope that it will get more players than MDR and MDM combined recently ;(.

* [AoD]NC misses racing at MDR when it was out

We are now running a public beta of this server for the next 24 hours or so!

Join us at and on our IRC channel: #Miami-Dade.Conquest @

If you have any problems or find any bugs then let us know at

Server looks nice. As Force said, it is a "teamplay" server, so...



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