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Grand Opening: Wildstyle
« on: October 10, 2012, 09:57:49 pm »

What is Wildstyle TDM Server? It is a new project instigated by [VU]Charleyutton. This server has been scripted and created by [VU]Charleyutton for the purpose of creating a whole new community that provides fun and warmth for the players to enjoy. Under the management of [MK]NewK, [VU]Veteran, [DU]_CoLa_Sky and =ULK=j.king, the server is keen on welcoming new players to settle down, and to help risen and maintain the popularity of VC:MP. We welcome everyone to come and enjoy playing VC:MP for what it is: Fun.

Server: Wildstyle TDM
Location: France
Game Mode: Team Death Match (TDM)
IRC Channel: #Wildstyle @ LUNet

For more information visit our forum.

The server will open to the public starting this Saturday 13th of October, 2012.
We hope you all come along and start playing!
Castagna - EA Founder