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PSA: No more clan politics


Due to numerous attempts at propagandizing both clans' standpoints, cluttering the forum with arguments that are irrelevant to the VC:MP community at large, and several personal attacks on both ULK members and outside parties, no threads or posts regarding the ULK split will be allowed from either side.

Attempts at making further posts of such nature will be removed and may result in either or both ULK threads being locked, as well as appropriate punishments for spamming and flaming if necessary. Posts on this forum are limited to official announcements from either clan regarding their membership rosters only. Announcements decrying either side will be removed, and the above will still apply.

This action is being taken not strictly because of repeated outbursts or rule violations, but also because of the potential for future harassment, none of which is in the interests of the VC:MP community. As such, until both parties agree that any remaining conflicts are resolved, or until these discussions have cooled down, this subrule will remain in place.

On a related note, all internal clan disputes are no longer to be discussed here. This board is a place to build awareness for and post relevant updates about clans in VC:MP, and not for debating clan politics that are irrelevant to most other people, and thus considered spammy. Posting updates about memberlists is still okay.


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