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VC:MP Configuration Manager v0.1

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Alright, so with the upcoming release (I hope) of 0.4 I've decided to make this program to handle all the settings in the vcmp_config.txt file. I've actually finished this many months ago but since the 2nd beta was over, there was no point in releasing it, so I'm releasing it now. I remember someone asking for a utility like this a few months ago too so hopefully this will be of use to you guys. The goal of this application is to provide a more "user friendly" way of editing the values on the vcmp_config.txt file, more specifically, it will edit your vcmp_config.txt file with the values you choose.

The application was made in C++/CLI so you must have .NET Framework installed(v4.0) and VC++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed. The application is also using 2 Visual Basic libraries (CButtonLib.dll and Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Vs.dll) and both of these files need to be in same directory as the executable(.exe) file, or else the application WILL NOT run.


32bit Version---Download

64bit Version---Download

If you don't know if your OS is 32bit or 64bit, download the 32bit version.


PS: For the people whom I sent this application a few months ago, I'd recommend downloading this version since the one I sent you had a bug when the cursor was on the color wheel which caused the color detection to be very "janky" and not as smooth. This happened mostly on PC's with ATI or Intel GPU's.

PPS: I don't know if this is right section for me to post this, I tought about posting it on the public beta board but since that board will be archived when the next beta comes, I posted it here.

ooh this looks cool. Very well done!

Awesome job NewK !

Damn, it looks very nice man ! Good job !  :)
I will test it when I leave the tablet.

This looks sweet!


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