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After many successful rounds of private and public beta testing, the VC:MP Development Team is proud to announce the release of the 0.4 Public Beta Server.

This is not representative of a final product; however, by releasing the server to the public, we can collect a significant amount of information regarding bugs and issues that may exist in the server or client. Allowing the community to do whatever they please with the server would be much more productive than simply producing public beta scripts and testing them, as we cannot account for every possible scenario a scripter may want to attempt in 0.4.

Moreover, by releasing the server for scripters to test and develop on, the transition from R2 to 0.4 will be seamless and much smoother, as server owners will more likely be prepared to adopt a completely new version of VC:MP.

Notes on Beta Release

Unlike previous beta tests, we are releasing the server, as well as the client, as a beta product to further find and fix bugs. This should not be interpreted as a bug-free final release. This is still part of testing phases.

Releasing the server as a beta product serves to help scripters become ready for the switch to a final 0.4 release and for bug finding purposes. While this does signal a closer approach to a final release, it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a polished product we believe should be representative of our efforts.

VC:MP 0.4 Client
Note: Clients/browsers from Public Beta 3 will also work with this server beta, and will automatically update as needed, but it is recommended to use the installer for newer and updated browser functionality.

Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)

Windows (x86) Plugin Pack
Windows (x64) Plugin Pack
Linux (x86) Plugin Pack
Linux (x64) Plugin Pack

--- Quote ---0.4-squirrel
Provides a base interface for scripting in Squirrel.

Enables SQLite functionality in Squirrel scripts.

Provides MySQL support for Squirrel scripts.

Provides hash functions like SHA-1, SHA-2, WHIRLPOOL, and MD5.

Allows the loading of server.conf files from the R2 Squirrel server on a 0.4 server.

Provides INI manipulation functions like those in the R2 Squirrel server.

Provides socket interfaces like those in R2 Squirrel.

Announces a server to the 0.4 masterlist.

Automated builds of the Linux versions of the plugins above can be found here:

--- End quote ---

Installation Instructions

* Extract the server in any directory you like.
* Create a directory named plugins within the server directory.
* Download and extract any plugins you like to the plugins folder.
* Create a file named server.cfg
* In server.cfg, add a plugins line in the following format: plugins module1 module2 module3
* To use the Squirrel plugin, add a sqgamemode line in server.cfg in the following format: sqgamemode MyScript.nut

Squirrel Documentation
A list of functions and callbacks can be found on the VC:MP Wiki:

Documentation is currently incomplete due to the vast scope of it; you can help write it! If information regarding syntax is not available on the VC:MP wiki, it may be available on the Squirrel plugin wiki (which has no plans to be updated):

Bug and Crash Reports
Like previous public betas, bugs and crashes can be reported on the forum. However, we also have a new bugtracker at which can be used to report and track bugs in both the server and client as well.

Bug reports filed on the forum will receive responses, but will also be filed on the new bugtracker as well.

Refer to the Reporting Bugs and Crashes thread (linked) for further information and instructions.

What is what? I just want to script for 0.4, what do I download?


--- Quote from: NeskWriter on September 18, 2014, 07:07:41 pm ---What is what? I just want to script for 0.4, what do I download?

--- End quote ---


Download the Modules and the server.Then make a server.cfg and add a server.conf file too.If you're not sure what to add in server.cfg see this :

--- Code: ---gamemode VC:MP Mode
plugins announce04rel32 hashing04rel32 sqlite04rel32 xmlconf04rel32 squirrel04rel32  < - you can add more
port 5192 // Your Port
sqgamemode main.nut // It loads the main squirrel file

--- End code ---

NeskWriter, you can try the Default Server I have made. You can find it here.


--- Quote from: sseebbyy on September 18, 2014, 08:56:21 pm ---NeskWriter, you can try the Default Server I have made. You can find it here.

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much, that's what I was looking for


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