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Official Plugin Update Announcements


This thread is specifically reserved for informing server owners of updates made to official plugins such as Squirrel, which do not have the same auto-updating capabilities as the client. Only developers with announcements regarding said plugins will be posting here, and it is highly recommended that anyone who wishes to operate a 0.4 server continuously subscribe to this thread.

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New Plugin: 0.4-announce

* Pings an announce server every 2.5 minutes for listing on the masterlist. If you do not want to be listed on the masterlist, do not use this plugin.

All plugins updated

* Updated plugin header for new server

* Fixed a bug where car crashes would be attributed to falls instead
* Expanded InPoly to support strings and arrays of coordinates

* Fixed excessive memory allocation on queries
* Updated SQLite to latest version (3.8.6)

* On Windows, use multi-byte strings, not Unicode

Updated binaries are available on each plugin's respective download page.

Plugin packages are also available for compact downloading and updating.

Windows (x86) Package
Windows (x64) Package
Linux (x86) Package
Linux (x64) Package

Squirrel Updated

* Added to correspond to server update:

* player.Action
* player.AimDir
* player.AimPos
* player.GameKeys
* player.IsCrouching
* player.IsOnFire
* player.Redirect(ip, port, [name, [server pass, [user pass]]])
* onPlayerOnFireChange(player, isOnFireNow)
* onPlayerCrouchChange(player, isCrouchingNow)
* onPlayerGameKeysChange(player, oldKeys, newKeys)
* Added GetSkinID(skinName) (thanks SLC)
* Squirrel-dependent plugins like MySQL now register their functions after reloading scripts
* Fixed returning of game values like hour, minute, gravity, etc. (thanks Gudio)
* Fixed a memory leak in GetVehicleModelFromNameUpdated binaries:

Announce Updated

* Enabled the ability to override the announce server using the announce <server> format in server.cfg
* Enabled the ability to announce to up to five servers by using multiple announce config lines
* Default masterlist changed to
* Messages are no longer printed on successUpdated binaries:


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