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This thread is specifically reserved for informing players and server owners of updates made to the client and the server, which does not have the same auto-updating capabilities as the client. Only developers with announcements regarding the server will be posting here, and it is highly recommended that anyone who wishes to operate a 0.4 server continuously subscribe to this thread.

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Server Update Released

* Fixed a streamer bug where players would maintain control of vehicles that were not streamed to them
* Fixed several buffer overflows related to the config
* Fixed SetPassword not properly unlocking the server when given a blank password
* Consolidated plugin header to combine sprite/textdraw calls
* Updated copyright
Updated binaries:

Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)

Updated plugin header:

Client Update Released

* Fixed radio glitching out when server weather was set to rain
* Slightly optimized custom object loading
* Additional checks to prevent crashes
* Re-enabled the /t4 command, which shows the positions of bullets where they collide, for use by scripters who would like to accurately find polygons
The update will automatically download and install upon launching the browser or joining an up-to-date 0.4 server.

Important Note
The client and browser now use the Visual C++ 2013 runtimes, not Visual C++ 2012. Please install the new runtime before using the new client, or download and install the new browser to obtain them automatically.

Browser and Installer Update Released

* Installer now installs the proper Visual C++ runtimes if they are not already installed
* Replaced the R2 masterlist with a 0.4 masterlist
* Fixed gta-vc.exe being suspended when joining R2 servers

Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86):

This is the 0.4 Release Candidate
Dramatic changes in functionality like this are unlikely to occur until final release. Please note that we are planning to move to a new forum with this release. This forum will remain an archive.

Server Release Candidate Released

* Running as root is no longer supported and must be explicitly enabled in order to continue running the server.
* Added command line options for server hosters that override built-in server behavior and user configurations in server.cfg:

* -maxplayers: Specifies a hard limit on the number of players allowed on a server. Configurations or function/plugin calls that attempt to go above this will be throttled.
* -port: Forces server to be bound to a given port.
* -bindip: Forces server to be bound to a given IP.
* -noanticheat: Disables anticheat and forces it to be disabled regardless of configuration.
* -allow-server-runas-root: Allows server to run as root.
* Servers can now request users to be redirected to another server.

* Players will receive a prompt asking if they would like to be connected to server X:Y with an optionally specified nickname, Z.
* Redirection is optional and will only occur if the player uses the /allowredirect command client-side.
* Added plugin functions for accessing more player information (see the SDK diff).

* GetPlayerOnFireStatus: returns if a player is on fire (only if on foot)
* GetPlayerCrouchStatus: returns if a player is crouching (only if on foot)
* GetPlayerAction: returns a player's action (see below)
* GetPlayerGameKeys: returns a 16-bit integer representing the player's game keys being held down
* GetPlayerAimPos: returns the position that a player is aiming toward (only updated when shooting)
* GetPlayerAimDir: returns the vector rotation of a player's aim (only updated when shooting)
* Added OnPlayerStateChange(nPlayer, oldState, newState), a more raw callback for player events like entering/exiting vehicles and aiming:

* 0 - none
* 1 - normal (foot) sync
* 2 - shooting ("aim") sync
* 3 - driver
* 4 - passenger
* 5 - entering as driver
* 6 - entering as passenger
* 7 - exiting vehicle
* 8 - unspawned
* Added OnPlayerActionChange(nPlayer, oldAction, newAction), a raw callback for when a player is changing actions. Frequently used actions:

* 0 - none
* 1 - normal
* 12 - aiming
* 16 - shooting
* 41 - jumping
* 42 - lying on ground
* 43 - getting up
* 44 - jumping from vehicle
* 50 - driving
* 54 - dying
* 55 - wasted
* 58 - entering vehicle
* 60 - exiting vehicle
* Added callbacks OnPlayerOnFireChange, OnPlayerCrouchChange and OnPlayerGameKeysChange (see SDK diff)
* In-built anticheat can now be disabled using the config line anticheat 0 or the command line option -noanticheat
* Fixed the config line for servername overwriting the password field
* Version changed from 04pb402 to 0.4.000
Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)

Updated plugin header:

Client Release Candidate Released

* Implement server redirection and /allowredirect
* Ghosted vehicles are no longer solid on the local player's screen.
* Added the /connect command for connecting to arbitrary servers while still in the client. Requires /disconnect first.
* Spectating a player who switches interiors now switches the interiors on your screen to theirs.
* Remote players should no longer crouch and sprint at the same time.
The update will automatically download and install upon launching the browser or joining an up-to-date 0.4 server.

Browser and Installer Update Released

* is now the default masterlist
You do not need to update in order to change masterlists; simply change your settings to point to the new masterlist server.


Server RC Update Released

* Fixed address-sanitizer libraries accidentally being included in the Linux version
* Fixed client version to be valid for the updater
Updated binaries:

Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)


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