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[Bug]Walking while driving pcj


Player have walking animation when driving pcj(dont know of other vehicles) without turning or stopping(without using right,left,down key).


What you were doing when the bug happened:
I just got freeze on pcj and then unfreeze.(Picked up a robbing pickup in vccnr)

What you think caused the bug:
Bad sync


Yes, it happened to me too, many times.
I think that can easily be avoid by calling this line after a player robbs a shop:

--- Code: ---player.SetAnim(0,29);
--- End code ---

The animation ID 29 of group 0 is the one that removes any animation you have set. (and not anim ID 0 from group 0)
At least it stopped all animations I have tried.

Anyway, I noticed that: when a player is frozen when starts to rob something, then setting the anim 0 group 0 after/before unfreezing it, will cause a loop for that animation.

So... I think if the owner will unfreeze the player before (or after, depends on how he used it) setting the animation, it will work fine, without a loop, so the bug will not happen anymore.


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