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DxZ Clan- DarK XentinelZ


●Country: International
●Clan tags: =DxZ= , =DxZr= , =DxZt= , [DxZ]
●IRC Channel: #DxZ-Clan
●Leader/s: SpaCeMaN^ / KaOtiV[Founder] TeaMpOiSon[Leader] Hardwell/ReuS[Co-Leader]


This clan was created by SpaCeMaN ^/KaOtiV on May 06, 2014. In the first alone moment it had a purpose: joined members who were enjoying the game and only it, this it was the principal idea of the creation of the clan. Though the clan was created, many days passed in order that the players were meeting interested in this project, being the first member ReuS. Continuing this one they joined .:NiCo:. And MentioN (members who for personal reasons do not continue in the game, but we wait for them return). Already having more members, the clan was taking received by the players, depositing this way TeaMpOiSon, one of the most loyal members. The time was passing until two players met interested and proposed to enter to the clan, these were Lo|O|PyZ and Scorpion, players who were good, but on having entered to the clan promoted more his level of game. July 26 was a special day for the clan since I enter to the clan an old friend that we think that it(he,she) would never return to the game, we refer to N3cro, one player with whom it spends good moments in the past. Besides it, this day also was special because I enter the member who more has helped to the clan, and probably without him the clan had never developed like now, we refer to HustoN/JoelSkate, which for everything before mentioned earned To lead the clan with SpaCeMaN ^.
This one is the small history of this humble clan that with effort, dedication and work we will try to go out forward with the help as a whole of all our members.

SpaCeMaN^ [Founder] |06 - 05 - 14|
TeaMpOiSon [Lider] |04 - 10 - 14|
Hardwell [Co-Lider] |04 - 10 - 14|

SpaCeMaN^ / KaOtiV
Hardwell / ReuS
DaRkRiDeR / KraTO$

Grotzke / Wolfer

FranLeo / SnapFit

ExtremoS has been kicked from the clan


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