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Problem with my server VCMP


Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and, at the same time, I'm new using such servers. Well, going to the point, I need your help, I'm new and is cheeky of me to ask for help if. Well the problem is this: nobody can connect to my server except me, that is, if I invite a friend, you can not connect, I mean, if I invite you may not, not because I do not want to, but because does not work, that I can connect using the ip if I can but if I use not work for me. Here is my server.cfg:

--- Code: ---echo Executing Server Config...
friendlyfire 1
lanmode 1
maxplayers 50
port 5192
hostname test 1
gamemode0 mode 1
rcon_password mypasword
rcon_port 5315
rcon_max_users 13
--- End code ---
Hope you can help me, if I can solve the problem, everyone, absolutely everyone is invited to my server. Please and thanks in advance


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