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General Discussion / Re: VCMP 0.4 LEAKAGE
« on: May 13, 2013, 11:44:21 am »
xbox08 has posted a long chat log from XE IRC I believe. I don't know how to read this thing and I don't know most of these guys but I'm sure the devs and beta testers can figure it out.

Beta team already knows about this from yesterday. Wondering how the log got public here though

General Discussion / Re: [EA] EYE Tournament
« on: December 16, 2012, 02:02:17 pm »
Group A - Winner: [MK]Wildrose (A1)
               2nd place: [DnA]Brigadier (A2)

Group B - Winner: [DnA]Bryce (B1)
               2nd place: [TZ]Nadeem (B2)               

Group C - Winner: =TRC=metalord (C1)
               2nd place: [MKs]Zero (C2)

Group D - Winner: ULK.Kino (D1)
               2nd place: TLK.AEO (D2)

Group E - Winner: TLK.EthaN (E1)
               2nd place: [VU]GangstaRas (E2)

Group F - Winner: =TRC=Morphine (F1)
               2nd place: [MK]In5aN1aC (F2)

Group G - Winner: [VU]Veteran (G1)
               2nd place: [VU]m[D]z (G2)

Group H - Winner: Honor (H1)
               2nd place: =TRC=GRAND (H2)

IMPORTANT FOR ADMINS AND PLAYERS: In case that the duel ends 1:1 tie match ( as in groups ) IN THIS STAGE THERE MUST be played the last round to have a winner, so someone have to win 2:1 on rounds.

System of last 16 stage

Group A vs Group H - A1:H2, A2:H1
Group B vs Group G - B1:G2, B2:G1
Group C vs Group F - C1:F2, C2:F1
Group D vs Group E - D1:E2, D2:E1

Draw of duels:
You can find last 16 stage board here:

General Discussion / Re: [EA] EYE Tournament
« on: November 24, 2012, 03:51:30 pm »
Groups are done, check them ( link below )

Tournament starts on 1st of the december, stay in touch with ea forum to check news, info etc

General Discussion / Re: [EA] EYE Tournament
« on: November 20, 2012, 03:14:07 pm »
Just an important news.

As you might see, we increased the limit, then final number of participants is 40.

For now we have 45 applications and we are waiting for last 5 peeps to reach number 50.
Out of 50 applications we select 40 players for the event, the rest 10 players gonna be subsitutes.

PLEASE NOTE: Selection of participants is not according to who applied first or what so ever.
We will chose those 40 according to the information you posted in applications, to avoid future problems with unreliable people who dont show up for the tournament, yet they signed up for it.

Now, since the count is 40 fighters, it will look like this,

40 peeps gonna be divided to 8 groups, 5 players per one group.
To the next round go 2 peeps from each group ( winner and runner up ), so after group stages we will have last 16 players.

The system after group stages is pretty simple and common, winner from group A will face runner up from group H and winner of group H gonna face runner up from group A.
Same goes for other groups so its: A-H, B-G, C-F, D-E

We also still recruit possible admins who are willing to help us out.

Stay in touch with us, thanks.

EYE staff team

General Discussion / [EA] EYE Tournament
« on: November 18, 2012, 02:00:45 am »

Another year is going to its end and thats the time for EYE tournament, as its a tradition from last year, also this year we are going to have a tournament!

We are starting on 1st of the December with group stages and finishing on 31th of the December with duo best fighters in final.

Well, lets go to the organization  itself:

Firstly, maximum of 24 players can take part in tournament. There will be of course a substitute list in a case that some of players wont be available to come.

Secondly, We will divide those 24 players to 8 groups, each group per 3 players and only the winners of each group runs up to the next round which will be quarterfinals. So it means after the group stages, we will have 8 players in quarterfinals, then 4 in semifinals and last two peeps in finals.

And the last part, the match itself will have 2 rounds, in each round the player must win 5 fights to be the winner of the 1st round (5:4,3,2,1), same case goes for the 2nd round. If, after 2 rounds, the score will be 1:1 there will be played one final extra round again to 5, to decide who is the winner of this match.

Thats for the basic information.

You must also read a rules topic, to be aware of some facts.

From now to 29th of the November you can start posting your applications.

We also recruit admins to help us out, the dead line for admin applications is 25th of the November

We are looking forward to meet you on EA server once the tournament starts.
I wish to all of those who will take part in the event, the best luck and show us the best peformance!

Let the best player wins!

-EYE event staff

credits for the banner goes to Ryz.

General Discussion / Re: Database Failure or Adminstrator Did It?
« on: July 12, 2012, 05:12:21 pm »
We had a multiple attacks on few forums, VCMP included, sections are gone as you can see, trying to get all back now

Off-topic content removed by maxorator: Let's not make this personal and could we please stay on topic.

Off-topic content removed by maxorator: Let's not make this personal and could we please stay on topic.

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