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Vice City Racing v3 [Public Beta]

Started by Force, September 02, 2010, 08:31:46 PM

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Today, Project Apollo are happy to announce that the script for the Miami Dade Racing server has now gone into the stages of Public Beta for Vice City Racing v3. We felt that VCR v2 was a bit of a let down after v1 with some features being left out of the initial release of the script. VCR v3 has gone back to the roots of VCR v1 and improved on this massively.

Returning VCR v1 Features:

- Personal bests.
- Gap to record.
- Cash based speedo (togglable between kph/mph)
- Average speed on race/lap finish.

New Features:

- New layout.
- Per player Checkpoint Streamer.
- Reversed starting grid.
* Finished the previous race last? Fear not, you will start first in the next!
- Improved functionallity.
- Lap races (only Teh-Lap is a lap race so far).
- IP2Country to retrieve the Country that you are connecting from.
- Things that were broke in VCR v2 now work!


- Fixed a bug with races not loading.
- Fixed a bug where players with high pings would be sent to the stadium roof.
- Fixed a bug where a manual login wouldn't update your auto-login IP information.
- Fixed a bug where you get a DNF stat if the race was manually restarted or changed by an admin.
- Fixed a bug in the displaying of the race name on lap races.
- Fixed a bug where vote options wouldn't always be generated properly.
- Fixed a bug where players wouldn't be given a car if they failed to finish the race if an admin manually loads/restarts the race.
- Fixed a bug relating to the vote options where the races would fail to load when it came to counting the votes.
- Fixed a bug where the checkpoint streamer was trying to create too many checkpoints.
- Fixed a bug where empty grid slots weren't being filled up when they should have been.
- Fixed a bug where empty cars were being left around the map.
- Fixed a bug where passengers could use /c lastcp, /c flip and /c vr.
- Fixed a bug where you were classed as failing to finish the race if you weren't at the start.
- Fixed a bug where players weren't healed when a new race was started.
- Fixed a bug with (Team-)Kill messages not being sent to the echo channel.
- Fixed a bug where kicking/banning the only player on the server wouldn't reset the server status.
- Fixed a bug where the grid and car reservations were still stored even though the server was empty.
- Fixed a bug to do with sending the gap to the record time.
- Fixed a bug with the checkpoint streamer randomly going tits up (Those that took part in the public beta have made this hugely easier to fix than it was in private testing).
- Fixed a bug where all players would finish the race and send the countdown timer too far loading up races and skipping things.
- Fixed /c lastcp telling you that your going back to the last checkpoint and the starting line.

- Added the ability for the script to tell you how many laps behind you are.
- Blocked any fighting sync so players can only be hurt by vehicles.
- Added in /c commands
- Added in gap to 2nd when your leading.

All commands can be found here.

The script was writen from scratch and was left for a few months but I finally decided to come back to it :P.

Feel free to come and join us on project-apollo.co.uk:5198 or at our echo channel #Miami-Dade.Beta


Public beta is now over for VCR v3, thanks to everyone that took part and look out for the release real soon!