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General Discussion / Re: -_-
August 11, 2008, 09:33:19 PM
Haha some games use -_- for bad word sing. ;D
Script Showroom / Re: sansan v3 released!
August 11, 2008, 05:26:00 PM
First,would like to say that i think this is great!
But i got problems with this i just can't connect to server...please can you post link to mirc what you use with this and little more detailed guide how to install everything? Thx.
Well first of all, i'm new to this comunity i'm starting to work with VC:MP servers today. :o ;)
I have "little" expirience with SA:MP pawno scripting but i see here is difrent so i need help.I found YeTi's VC Coding Tutorial and i will use them.

Ok so my problem is that i downloaded those pdf files with skin ids,weapon ids and vehicle ids but when i open them in notepad i see just ..nothing only those freak letters all around and i can't use those files even with office.
So if someone have .txt versions (or any other that can be opened easily) of those ids (skin,weapon,vehicle,pickups).
Anyway i would like to say that i played a lot VC before but currently i don't remember a lot of things so do you guys have any pictures of weapons,cars,skins,pickups  with their names etc...

EDIT: I got now pictures of cars,weapons,but i still need their IDS + skin IDS and skin pictures.

EDIT2: I see i need reader to open those files.Ok nvm i got it now i will download acrobat reader sry.

Anyway does anyone have link to see skin names with pictures?