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Information Regarding Latest Versions

Started by SugarD, August 25, 2009, 06:47:38 AM

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So, what exactly is the latest version of VC:MP, and are updated versions still being actively worked on? I've seen things about 0.3z R2 and 0.4 testings, but the super-old downloads of 0.3z are the only ones I can find. How about LC:MP as well? I know SA:MP 0.3 is on it's way, but VC:MP and LC:MP don't want to get left in the dust!


0.4 will out in the next 10 years dont woory  ;)
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yeah it is actively working on.... its taking alot of time cause bakasan is adding probably ALL of the SP features. he does it one by one until its finished. could be the final version... im scared
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LC:MP? Meh that was a big crap IMO. If someone needs GTA3 online should play MTA3 or wait for VRockers LU or Stokus GTA3O :P.

The LC mod started for me only 1 time. Second time a error. Crappy ><.