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New RPG Mode

Started by bakasan, August 14, 2007, 07:38:02 AM

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UltraMegaServer will be hosting my new RPGDM script soon!

thanks to Falcon, Tommis, and x-serverz.com

More about this soon.....   8)


Here are my notes from creating RPGDM...

This is a list of features that are finished for this mode so far.  I have plans to expand on it even more soon.

   RPGDM v1.0 by bakasan for VC:MP 0.3z

1) Classes
   A) Fighter
   B) Medic
   C) Citizen

2) Exp Point System
   A) Earn exp to level up (up to 100 levels)
   B) Exp bonus for killing with lesser weapons
      -Fist kill gets the most bonus
      -Each stronger weapon gets less and less bonus
      -Driveby gets no bonus and very little exp
   C) Exp earned is proportional to the player you killed's level
      -Killing higher level players gives you more exp
      -Killing low levels players gives you less exp
   D) No Exp gain for Team Kills - one kill stat is subtracted per tk
   E) Stats track kills, times killed, and deaths seperately
   F) When reaching a new level, players get the benefits immediately (new weapons, armour, etc)   

3) Server Ini Settings
   A) Friendly Fire is off for realism
   B) Team Marker Mode is on - You only see your teammates on your radar (Except if on a Kill Frenzy)
   C) No Weapons - Only players with a registered nick and class recieve weapons at spawn based on their level and class at each spawn

4) Save Points
   A) Saves money and stats
   B) Saves current weapon as "Main Weapon", which you spawn with every time (Must be level 10 or higher any class)

5) Secret Packages
   A) 20 Secret Packages are spawned randomly at any 20 of 100 random locations at all times
   B) When picked up, another is spawned randomly at any one of the 100 locations
   C) Secret Packages give money and exp(randomised based on level)

6) Key Card
   A) Key Card Spawns randomly in one of 100 locations
   B) Only one Key Card on the map at once
   C) Key Card gives alot of exp(randomised based on level) and +25 health and +25 armour
   D) Key Card respawns shortly after being picked up and broadcasts a "KeyCard rumored to be at: " message to hint at its new location

7) Trash Cans
   A) Trash cans give random things each time
   B) Trash cans respawn right away
   C) Sometimes you get something good - somtimes bad - sometimes nothing
   D) Amount of reward / penalty is randomised based on level

8) Weapon Crates
   A) Weapon crates give random things
   B) Crates never give you something bad, but are often empty
   C) You can find ammo and some weapons in Weapon Crates
   D) Amount of reward is randomised based on level

9) Kill Frenzy
   A) Kill Frenzy pickups start you on a mission to kill nearby players
   B) Mission goals are based on your exp level (the higher your level - the harder the mission)
   C) All players in the area of the kill frenzy light up as a red on the radar (making invisible non-teammates visible)
   D) The player who is on the Frenzy also appears red on the radar to all players within that area
   E) Team-Kills dont count toward a Kill Frenzy
   F) If you die or are killed, the Kill Frenzy is over
   G) Extra Exp bonus per kill if you get at least 3 kills more than required in a Kill Frenzy
   H) Multiple players can be on Kill Frenzy missions at once, but only one at a time per player
   I) Stats track each player's highest number of kills on a killfrenzy

10) Wanted Level
   A) Wanted level represents the number of kills a player has since last death
   B) !mostwanted will display current players with wanted levels
   C) !wanted or !wanted <player> will show a players wanted level
   D) Wanted level resets at death
   E) Stats track each player's highest wanted level

11) General Commands (can be used by any registered player)
   A) !loc <player>
   B) !cash <player>
   C) !hp <player>
   D) !givecash <player>
   E) !stats <player>
   F) !level <player>
   G) !nextlevel <player>
   H) !admin

12) Weather
   A) Random Weather
   B) Weather Forecast is sometimes accurate and sometimes not

There are more features/commands that are not yet documented but already in the mode, this is just a preliminary post about it.  Stay tuned...   ^^


Cool server, nice work guys.


I wanted to try it but I have no password  :-[


Quote from: PMP on August 15, 2007, 01:08:50 AM
I wanted to try it but I have no password  :-[

It will be public soon ^^


its public ^^

this is a trial run for rpgdm mode...

To try it out:
1) Join UltraMegaServer (
2) type /c register <yourpassword>
3) choose a class - there are three currently (Fighter, Medic, and Citizen each with their own special commands and benefits)
       to become a fighter type: /c class fighter
       to become a medic type: /c class medic
       to become a citizen type: /c class citizen
4) You are ready to play!

Some Tips on playing RPGDM:
-Search out the keycard, as it is worth alot of exp and can make you level up faster
-Secret packages give exp and money
-Kill Frenzy is a good way to gain exp and stats - it also shows nearby players on your radar
-Trash cans are there but they can be good or bad, so you take your chances ^^
-Weapon crates are never bad but often empty (Tip: if you have the weapon armed at the time of checking the weapon crates, you stand a better chance of gettin some ammo for it)
-Save points are a great way to save your cash - additionally, players level 10 and up can save one weapon at the save points by simply having it armed when saving - once you have a weapon saved, it will spawn with you each time until you change it, along with your normal weapons provided by your class level
-Take advantage of not being able to see your opponents on the radar - sneak up on them or hide if needed
-Kill using the weakest weapon you have to maximize your exp - also try to kill players that are higher level than you, as they are worth more exp
-use !mostwanted to see who has the most continuous kills without dying - also !wanted will show a single player's wanted level
-use !nextlevel to show how much exp you need to get to the next level and !level to see a player's current level and class

have fun ^^


This script is the best of the best!


OMG it's KILLER!!! See you all in teh UltraMegaServer!!!  :o


Sounds really, really cool. I will go try it out in a few minutes.
Too bad I gotta go on vacation in a couple hours :(

EDIT: Hey, I started to play a couple minutes ago & I can't seem to find any of these "save points"... Where exactly do I go to save my money & stats? The bank?
nvm, I found one ^^


Cool. That weapon crate stuff sounds 'mazin. Maybe in a later release we can attach the crates to trucks and drive them around town for money (all done in IRC if not), hoping we don't get robbed. Oh yeah, don't forget about bounty's, like 1 player feels like killing everyone he sees, so then he might be wanted and all of the server bands together to see he's dead.
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Does this/Will this server have a site and/or forum?


not sure, but i think this is all there will be.


This server rocks, it's a new way of playing vc-mp!


(bakasan deleted the post above, so this is obsolete)
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