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A few (2 so far) config.cfgs for the lazy and/or unexperienced

Started by dave5, August 25, 2007, 09:32:46 PM

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Got bored, too many servers running the default 0.3z FFA config.ini, so heres a couple of configs to mess around with if you get bored, ideal use is LAN/friends party because I never had the chance to test them because I don't know if anyone sees my server, I have no clue what happens with mass official server settings. Don't forget to change the server name and maybe passwords. I plan on making more though.

Chainsaw arena at Starfish!

  • No radar for paranoia
  • 2 teams, FF is on
  • Chainsaws only of course
  • A heck of alot of health pickups and some armor, hidden a bit into the ground
  • Cars to duck and hide under, or ram others!
  • Nighttime fog for lower visibility

Minigun War at Golf Bridge!

  • 2 sides once again
  • Everyone armed with 9949-500 loaded miniguns
  • Body armor at spawn, as if that makes a difference
  • A few near spawn PCJs to gun through the warzone
  • A bobcat for each team to emulate drive bys
  • A very slow securicar placed in the middle to drive to your team's side and hulimate with
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ok, a Config.ini foundry.. not a bad idea.
do u make irc scripts for these ini-s?


Unfortunately, I do, if you wanna be the star and make IRC scripts go ahead, not any of my concern.
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