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Project Apollo Community Voice - Week 2

Started by Force, July 05, 2010, 11:09:25 PM

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It's time for the second week of PACV so get ready to answer the question of the week. As for the first week it was interesting to read what some of you said about starting events and stuff and generally having more active admins/players. I've been joining a few times this week and the player count has been around 7 / 8 for us, not much I know but it's a lot to what we normally have :P. Now for the second installment.

  • Miami-Dade Racing
    Vice City Racing was a break through for the mIRC scripting language when Juppi and Mattz first opened the server way back in 2008, last year it got converted to the Squirrel scripting language and it is still going strong, all though slightly on the empty side at times. However, what we want to know is What makes you rage? I notice a lot of rage can come from VCR but what exactly is it that causes that? VCMP's 1 mile safety radius around each car? The tracks? The vehicles? Let us know!

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