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Project Apollo Community Voice - Week 3

Started by Force, July 10, 2010, 04:46:04 PM

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It's time once again for the next installment of PACV, the rage topic that we posted last week got a good response and it was interesting to see that most of you were in agreement with the fact that a good percentage of the rage was down to VC-MP's sync.

  • Racing Craze
    When we first released Miami-Dade Racing there was a huge craze for it, everyone wanted to get involved, there were various ideas for new race types and we even had one best racer/tammer etc of the month. The craze for MDR has long since died out but what we wanna know is, Will it ever come back and what can we do to help this? With Vice City Racing v3 on the way, will this re-kindle the craze that everyone had? Guess we'll have to wait and see, since VCR v3 goes back to the roots the started off MDR with more features than VCR v2 and features from VCR v1 making a return.

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