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Need free cars? Get more sprees!

Started by Kill3R, July 23, 2010, 02:52:12 PM

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Need free cars? Get more sprees!

This is the first event that has been organized in VC-HA, the event is simple, you need to get high sprees, which will fetch you free cars and you can use it for 1 -2 months

Duration = 1 month
Spree Above 40 = Pizza boy/Faggio.
Spree Above 50 = Sanchez/Stinger/Sabre or any other on same type

Duration = 2 month
Spree above 75 = Heli/Infernus/Cheetah/PCJ/Freeway/Angel
Spree above 100 = Pizza boy/Faggio + Small prop or Hotring/VCN

For more info: http://hunting-arena.ath.cx/forum/index.php?topic=12.0

Fer_r_ari - 25 spree - Faggio (1 month)





Quote from: rulk on July 23, 2010, 08:33:39 PM
VC-HA == innovation nation

heh thnkx dude actually it was Strike's idea  ;) , so all the credits goes to him



Interesting idea, never used before :). But on the other side, do you believe that a uber-pwner that can kill 40 players at one time, needs a slow Faggio gay? :p


Uber pwner guy can get a slow faggio instead of buying a new vehicle since he can deposit his kill money and spree reward in the bank and get a infernus or a property later without wasting it on a pizza boy or faggio.