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Miami Dade Capture the Car Tournament

Started by Force, August 14, 2010, 05:28:44 PM

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Miami Dade Capture the Car Tournament

Welcome to the Miami Dade Capture the Car Tournament, this is a team tournament based off the well known Capture The Flag gamemode which is played on various different games.

Capture The Car involves two teams of five, who take it turns to attack/defend the given car at a base of their choice from the provided list, there are 4 rounds in a match, two chances to attack/defend. Matches can end in a draw and a referee will be present at all matches.

The tournament will follow the well known format of Group stages, Knock-out rounds, and the final. In the group stages there will be one match against each team, winners scoring 2 points, 1 point for a draw and then 0 points for a loss. The top two from each group will go through, if there is a tie between two teams that could make it through, individual round wins will decide who gets through.

Knockout stages are unable to end in a draw, and deciding rounds would have to be played to figure out the winner, same for the final round.

The bases that will be used for the event will be announced at a later date once a sufficient amount of teams have entered.

Rules -:

No glitching is allowed.
Teams are 5 v 5.
If a team fails to turn up they will grant the victory to the other team 4 rounds to 0.
Team members are able to respawn once they have been killed.
To win a round, the car must reach the base of the attackers.
The defending team cannot move their car to a safe hiding spot.
All matches must be refereed.
If the car hasn't been captured after 5 minutes, the defending team will win the round.

Weapons -:

Everyone is able to use the Stubby/Shotgun, Colt/Python and MP5/Uzi/Ing, however for the special weapons (M60,Flamethrower,Sniper,Rocket Launcher, M4 & Spaz) there is only one of each allowed per team. For example, if player 1 had a Spaz, no one else would be allowed to use the Spaz. The Rocket Launcher, Molotovs and Snipers will have a limited amount of ammo for game balance.

Team Entry -:

Team Name:
Entrants (max of 5 players):

Teams may exist of players from various different clans, they aren't tied to just clan members from one clan

To enter a team into this event, click here.

Referees -:

If you wish to become a referee for a match or two then get in touch with either me, Killer or Windlord and let us know what you would like to referee,
glitching or general gameplay.


Thanks to Killer and Windlord for helping out with this event.




A quick update on progress, the game mode is being worked on and is almost ready for completion, we'll try and get a test server up for you to practice on as soon as possible, we are aiming for about a week, maybe slightly more until we start the tournament to give everyone time to get familiarised with the game mode and what they have to do.

We are still looking for players to referee the matches, you are welcome to referee matches that you aren't playing in if you're a competitor, just let me know if you want to help.


Right, first things first, sorry for no updates for the past half a month or so, I was putting all my efforts into getting Vice City Racing v3 completed!

However, the good news is that tonight I've finished off the game mode for CTC, so once we've got a server up and running on Project Apollo's dedi we'll let you know so you can start praciticing, should be starting within 2 weeks I guess.



Server now running on project-apollo.co.uk:5198 - Contact me for the server password.

Each match a team will be required to select a base, the list of possible bases that you can select from are:

Base ID - Base Name
1 - Escobar International
2 - Army Base
3 - Cherry Poppers
4 - Docks
5 - Junkyard
6 - Kaufman Cabs
7 - Lighthouse
8 - Vercetti Mansion
9 - Sunshine Autos
10 - Washington Mall

It is recommended that you choose bases that are close to each other, remember to read the rules before playing! You may now begin practicing, tournament is due to start in the next two weeks!


I want in, but it says on the website its been canceled


Quote from: BananaBoy on December 01, 2010, 01:00:47 AM
I want in, but it says on the website its been canceled
this event has been canceled.
i think because has no enough players.