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Racing Information

Started by Windlord, July 05, 2010, 10:40:37 PM

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As the name of the server suggests, this is a racing server.
The races are run on an automatic system to make a continuous flow of races for the players.

Each race has a record that players can try and beat as well as four other times on the leader board to try and beat. These can be viewed with /c top5 whenever a race has been loaded.

Once the race starts you need to follow the camera pickups - these mark the route and are classed as checkpoints/gates, you must go through these to continue with the race, if you miss one you need to type /c lastcp to go back to the one you last passed. When passing through the checkpoints you will receive information on the checkpoint number, your position, race time and if your not leading, how far behind the player in front you are and how far behind the leader you are.

Once you finish the race you are given the option to vote for what race you want to see next, you will be given 3 track names and a restart race option (this is a fourth track name if a restart has already taken place). To vote for the next race simply type /c vote raceid - where race id is the number in brackets next to the race name. (If no votes are made a random race will be chosen).
[Taken from the Project Apollo Wiki]

You can also build races.
A detailed tutorial is provided at the following webpage.