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Breaking New's :*(

Started by BIG[H], April 26, 2011, 09:20:41 AM

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Nah its not Wilson || Walter Problem
We were Team n We Are team of [Freestyle] if walter want's

Our Freestyle Died Cuz of Some Bad Guys Using Our Nick's in other servers and Using Hacks with it

almost i remembered Freestyle Member were [if i forgot any tell me || forgive me]

freestyle_yazeen [Full Member] = [AsS]Yazeen
freestyle_Shadow [Leader] = [IT]Shadow
freestyle_BIG[H] [Full Member] = BIG[H]
freestyle_WiLsOn [Leader] = [MKt]WiLsOn
freestyle_aldo aka freestyle_nonu [Trail]
@on Topic
But If you Guys Want me ..Poll Vote me :

1= We Love you We Want you back
2= You are Great Helper We like you
3=You Noob hacker
4 GTFO No place here for u

Vote format

Feraxx : My vote 1

Conditions Apply*
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really u r better then me in fighting  :o whatever dude!

i challage u 1vs1 its mean 1 on 1 now your piss off!

the reason is why clan members not take u ! he was in freestyle all freestyle

was playing on freestyle server he came and ban all freestyles ! then he saying that was not me ! its real to FU or stfu! VCHA unban u and u hacked they ban u again! and u saying that i m not hacker! LEMAO




@wilson Do you Belive  in King_[Arsalan] or others?


Nice Players Known One's Are Asking For Getting me Back

Eg : [IT]Morphine ,thijn ,[MK]HotPocket = GTA5, aXXo  , tato

PS @ aXXo : Thanks for Banning me form Argonath xD
It was Mistakenly Banned So i am UnBanned
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That's it
If you choose to stay you can,No one is forcing you to quit or stay in VC-MP.

You can share with VC-MP Community,Play in all server but don't get banned due to rule breaking.
Don't worry about the players who makes bad comment on you,just ignore it.

Quote from: thijn on April 26, 2011, 07:33:19 PM
What's so shocking about that lol?
Also, Be a man and don't leave just because some nabs think you're a noob.

Quote from: Venkat on April 27, 2011, 05:53:06 AM
How is this shocking anyways ? and you dont need luck to get into clans, you need skills and a good attitude.

Some valid points ^^

You don't have to leave VC-MP due to someone,ignore him and enjoy yourself here.

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