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Server vulnerable?

Started by Trix5, June 29, 2007, 11:48:11 PM

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Alright, well first of all, in the 0.3x scripts, it could be a bug with the scripts if you leave it on for a very very long period of time, so try restarting teh scripts. (In 0.3z the whole player system is redone, so this is not a issue in thoes scripts) But if you say the whole server does not recognize thier ips, then i cant really help you there, you need to talk to the dev's about that. Also about the script, you can add this under vcmp.join.

  if ($vcmp.ip(%name) == Unknown) || (*.*.*.* !iswm $vcmp.ip(%name)) {
    vcmp.say Kicking %name - Reason: Invalid IP Address $+ , By: Server
    .timer 1 1 vcmp.kick %id



not bad, not bad, but this would kick me! >:(  so er.. i'm screwed.