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VC:MP Clans / DZ | Death Zone [ Re-Opened ]
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:48:41 pm »

WebSite:Death Zone Forum
Country: International
Clan tags: DZ^ - DZ
IRC Channel: #DZ on LUNet
Leader/s: Pumak47

Hello, previously Zatch reopened Death Zone (DZ) alongwith me and Zero but it didn't work out.
Now I reopened it again to take revenge for Death Zone with some great ideas.
This time everything is seriously, for those who do not believe in of the past Leader Daren's approval: Evidence: Conversation

Servers / OMEGA DeathMatch Server
« on: April 02, 2014, 06:37:59 am »
Server Name: OMEGA DeathMatch Server[]
Server IP:
Mode: xOMEGA Squirrel Server
Version: 1.0 Squirrel -BETA-
IRC: LUNet  <-  #omega-dm.echo


PD: We are looking for new administrators and moderators for our server, if you feel prepared for this job, do not hesitate to apply now!

Servers / |XC|Xtreme-City Beta v1.0|DeathMatch|
« on: July 12, 2012, 10:09:22 am »
|XC|Xtreme-City Beta v1.0|DeathMatch|
Max Players:0/32
Mode:LZ SQ v1.0


/c register, /c login, /c stats, /c hp, /c armour, /c loc, /c script, /c forum, /c goto, /c heal, /c fix, /c gotoloc, /c saveloc, /c nogoto, /c server, /c admins, /c spree, /c level, /c cash.

Property Commands:

/c buyprop, /c sellprop, /c delshareprop, /c shareprop, /c home, /c myprops, /c myshareprops

Vehicle Commands:

/c mycars, /c mysharecars, /c sharecar, /c delsharecar, /c buycar, /c sellcar, /c getcar

Admin Commands:

/c ann, kick, kill, drown, mute, unmute, get, ip, freeze, unfreeze, getip, ban, addprop




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